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I have added so much stuff to this Wiki page. This is here to help you better get to know the world that we have created. Please Explore!

World View – The planet is called Iresa. I know we have only talked about a couple regions but I made an entire planet to play with. This planet includes 13 great nations.

Fayfall – One of the most advanced nations of Iresa. This nations houses, Humans, Dwarves, Orcs, Elves, Gnomes, Halflings. Don’t forget about the 21 challenge in honor of Annie’s 21st birthday!

House Rules:
1: Ammunition Not Necessary. Just pretend you have an infinite amount, like every archer in every movie ever made.
2: Craft Skill: The craft skill sucks in 3.5. I have tried to make it easier/better/ more conducive to my game play. You can still use the old rules if you want. But… mine are better.
3: Spell pouch: Spell pouch is like a hand haver sack but ONLY for spell components. You may acquire spell components from creatures, you can put and infinite weight of spell components in your spell pouch.

Websites – These are the websites that I use to help me create this game. One of the other things that is necessary is that to play D&D is the D&D 3.5 Books (These take a while to load)

Main Page

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