Black Wall


The home to the dwarves. Next to Shadow City this is the most populated city in the realm.

Deities: Mordin
Reputation: Lawful/ Good
Size of City: Large City
Population: 18,409
Gold Piece Limit: 22,938
City Type: Craft, Trade Center, Natural Resources (reduced)
Politics: Autocracy (King: Boren)

Imports: Beef, Chickens, Skins, Exotic Meats (Sell double price)
Exports: Iron, Gems, Weapons, Armor, Alcohol (Sell 1/2 price)

Famous: Alcohol
Infamous: Belching

Important NPCs

Boren Dwarf King of Black Wall and all the Dwarves of Fayfall. He is growing very old, and with no heir there has been much debate over who will rule when he passes. One of the original “6” heroes who defeated the Warder of Death (the first time).

Unique Items:

Item Cost Description Book and Page
Dwartharian Brandy 3 gp/glass Spirit.
Dwarven Moonshine 3 sp/glass Spirit.
Dwarfhead Stout 3 sp/mug Beer, Most common dwarven brew.
Dwarven Spiced Wine 7 cg/ glass Wine.
Portable Forge 400 gp. 75 lb. A portable forge packs down into a heavy but transportable backpack. This pack contains a small set of anvils that can connect together for larger jobs, a collection of specialized hammers and tongs, and a collapsing brick wall oven that can generate enough ambient heat to soften metal. A portable forge cannot smelt metal or create alloys, but it can be used for virtually any other kind of metalworking. The lack of a complete smithing workshop keeps users from being able to create masterwork items with a portable forge. More Ultimate Equipment pg. 37
Smithing Molds 350 gp, 180 lbs. A set of case hardened steel molds in a variety of shapes for simple tools, basic weapons, and other common items, smithing molds cut down the crafting time needed for the Craft (blacksmithing) and Craft (weaponsmithing) skills by half. These items are usually only used by dwarves in times of war or when time is direly of the essence, but they will happily sell them to humans and other races as it makes their skills look all the more impressive. No item made with molds can be masterwork or be enchanted due to the simpler nature of this style of forging More Ultimate Equipment pg. 37
Dwarven Stone, Heavy Armor 1,750 +9 AB, +0 Max Dex, -7 ACP, ASF 40%, 20ft/15ft, 80lbs. Arms and Equipment Guide pg. 17


Black Wall

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