The Awakening (Irsa Part 4)

Welcome to IRSA PART 4 The Awakening
Create Your Character

Character creation:

Because we are playing with people who have never played D&D 3.5 we will be starting at level 1. I would much rather take the time to help people get to know the game and how to play and learn to love their characters then jump right in and have some people get lost. That being said, if there is anyone who is adamantly against starting at level 1, I am willing to talk about those issues and see if we can compromise.

-Rolling Stats: You will roll 3d6 (3 six-sided-die) and re-roll 1s. I allow people to roll 7 sets of the 3d6 and drop the lowest score (you only need 6 stats: STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA). You can roll 3 sets of the stats and pick your set. Example roll 3 dice, re-roll 1s. Do this 7x then drop your lowest number (you then have 6 numbers). Repeat until you have 3 sets of 6. Pick a set of 6.

-Starting Gold: Taking a different class? Talk to me about GP.
Barbarian: 235 gp
Bard: 235 gp
Cleric: 275 gp
Druid: 235 gp
Fighter: 315 gp
Monk: 115 gp
Paladin: 315 gp
Ranger: 315 gp
Rogue: 275 gp
Sorcerer: 195 gp
Wizards: 195 gp

I HIGHLY recommend a mount for this game: Players hand book page 129
(HP for your mount, you can choose the base HP in MM or you can roll the HP, you must choose, you can’t go with the base HP if you roll and then don’t like it.)
Horse Light 75 gp
Donkey/Mule: 8 gp (only carry small)
Pony: 30 gp (only carry small)
Riding Saddle: 10 gp

-Your character has answered the Hero Call to Black Wall. Your character needs to have some motivation to want to be a hero, any reason works (i.e. fame, wealth, helping people).

-Necromancy is TABOO in this society. You can use it… but people WILL judge you.

-If you wish to play a race not from the Players Handbook I’m fine with that BUT you need to consult my world map to see where they are from (if they are not there, let me know) and give a really good reason how and why they came to Fayfall.


-Familiars are FREE the 1st time you summon them. This is true for all classes that can summon a familiar.

-NO bolts/arrows/rocks or whatever goes in a sling. Pretend you just have an infinite amount, drives me nuts keeping track of that.

-Magical Components: If it’s not in your spell component pouch then you need to buy/acquire it. There are creatures/animals that can/will drop spell components.

-Bonus Feats: I give 1 extra feat to anyone who will write a backstory (at least 1 page, 12pt font, single space). It is important to me that you have an idea of who your character is and where they want to go in life.

-Bonus Skills: I will give up to 5 bonus skill points to people who give me an artistic representation of their character. (number of points will be decided based on how much effort appeared to go into the artistic expression). i.e. creating your character on the sims probably only worth 1 point, creating a clay sculpture of your character probably worth 5 points.

Introduction to world: I have created an entire world. You will be playing in the region of Fayfall.

This area has quite the history:
For nearly one hundred years there was a very powerful necromancer named Warder Awlyn (Warder of Death) that came into power. The influence of this necromancer was subtle at first but then in a sudden unexpected wave, a reanimated undead army swallowed the world. Under the rule of Warder the world was held captive. In the quiet of their captivity a few leaders around the world whispered encouragement and a scattered force began to grow. Warder did not see the rebellion when it came but his forces were strong enough to withstand sudden attacks from all around. The rebel force was able to push the undead army away from the main cities but they could not destroy the army. When any soldier from the rebellion was killed Warder the necromancer would use the body as fuel to his cause.
The dwarves created a secret plan. Under the very feet of Warder the dwarves built a prison for the undead army. Deep within the earth the dwarves built a series of mazes that stretched the entire land. It took nearly a decade for the tunnels to be completed, and once they were the rebel army pushed the undead into the caves. Then a heroic group of individuals stormed the undead castle of Ponururt Tururh (Hell’s Gate) and killed Warder Awlyn. This group consisted of 1 dwarf Borin ♂; three elves Anthin♂, Engon♂, Serie♀; and two humans Tomond Chaley♂, Elys Skoerwe♀. This group of individuals became the leaders of the region. When Warder Awlyn had finally been slain any one who lived in the castle whether innocent or a devout follower had their tongues cut. One could never be sure who was a necromancer and with their tongues cut they could never utter another evil spell. From then on any and all necromantic magic’s were illegal and taboo.
Now the tunnels that hold the undead inside are beginning to degrade. There are cave-ins within the tunnels and cracks in the earth that are beginning to run all the way up to the surface. In remote places undead hands are beginning to break through to the surface. The King and Queen of the Humans (Tomond Chaley and Elys Skoerwe) of Shadow City, have called to the region to send their finest to create a fleet that will secure the region and ensure peace is kept.

-Since that time The Warder of Death was attempted to be summoned by his 6 children (Alasdier, Anil, Dryany, Guire, Heusaro, and Mordred). IRSA PART 1 SHADOW HEROES was the first game played in this region. 6 Party Members Davril – Gray Elf (Josh), Oolsk – Half Orc (Erin), Iliana – Human (Natasha), Jager – Shifter (Greg), Twiggy – Gnome (Jacob), and Nera – Catfolk (Max) vanquished (ish) the 6 children of Warder before he could be risen from the grave. This is widely known as the 2nd Fall of Warder.

-(Side note: IRSA PART 2 After Darkness was an alternate reality universe in which Warder was never defeated the 2nd time. For those who played in that game, THIS NEVER EXISTED including the technological advances that occurred due to Twiggy selling a magical electric sheep to the Gnomes.)

-IRSA PART 3 is a game that is currently running parallel to your game. Players who are playing in both games, NO META-GAMING!

Starting in Black Wall:
You have heard the Hero Call and you have traveled to the city of Black Wall. Borin, the king of the Dwarves, has called all who are brave enough to fight an evil that he believes is brewing in Hell’s Gate.
You arrive in the city of Black Wall and the city is packed. All of the vendors are out taking advantage of the tourists. There is a cheering that you can hear emanating from north side of the city.


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