Two Head Slice

weapon (melee)

Nru Rohat Ghazo
(Two Head Slice)
+3 Masterwork Orc Double Axe

1d6/1d6 (s) 1d8/1d8 (m) x3 15 lb Slashing

The Arcan mark allows you weapon proficiency in Nru Rohat Ghazo

Only the person with the Arcan mark is not effected by the curse Otiluke’s Telekinetic Sphere. The Sphere would normally allow you to lift anything in the sphere of 5,000 lbs or less. You can now not lift anything in the sphere (which fits the weapons exactly) that weights 5,000 lbs or less.

Passing intelligence. If Warder Awlyn or anyone with significantly similar DNA is within striking distance when the weapon is being used then the weapon may make a STR check against the player to take over the weapon and hit Warder Awlyn. If it fails the STR check you may then make apposed will saves with it to see if it can force you to aim for Warder Awlyn.
STR Mod: 1 Will: 7

Returning: This weapon fly’s back through the air and returns to the wielder if dropped or thrown (this is a free action).

Holy: This weapon is good aligned. It does 2d6 extra damage against opponents who are Evil aligned.


Two Head Slice

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